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My goal is to be your trusted advisor who helps you make the very best legal decisions for your family throughout your lifetime. I want to help you not just now, but also when you can’t be there so that I can help guide your loved ones through a difficult process.

Feb 11

Reclaim Your Role as Your Child’s Primary Influence—Part 2

By Deanny Lungu-Underwood

In today’s society, the once-unbreakable bond between parent and child is being increasingly eroded. This disconnect is wreaking havoc on children’s psychological development, while making parents feel powerless to get through to their kids. In more than 20 years of work and research, world-renowned family physician and child-development expert Gabor Maté discovered that a mix […]

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Dec 31

Pet Trusts Offer Protection for Your Furry Family

By Deanny Lungu-Underwood

If you’re an animal lover and have a pet of your own, you likely consider your pet to be a member of the family. And since your furry friends can provide protection, emotional support, and unconditional love, such consideration is often well deserved. In stark contrast, the law considers your pet nothing more than personal property. […]

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