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My goal is to be your trusted advisor who helps you make the very best legal decisions for your family throughout your lifetime. I want to help you not just now, but also when you can’t be there so that I can help guide your loved ones through a difficult process.

Aug 20

6 Key Steps for Conscious Co-Parenting – Part 1

By Deanny Lungu-Underwood

Committing to a conscious divorce means protecting your children from end-of-marriage related trauma. When the marriage ends in a cooperative manner, divorce can be transformed from a contentious event into one that can inspire healthy growth.In fact, engaging in divorce with a positive focus can better prepare both you and your kids for your new […]

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May 27

Ensure The Security Of Your Senior Parents’ Identity and Financial Assets

By Deanny Lungu-Underwood

Today, we live in an uber-connected world, where nearly every type of financial transaction—shopping, banking, investment management—can be made online using a computer or mobile device. So, how do you ensure the security of your senior parents’ identity and financial assets? In light of this, it’s critically important to have the appropriate safeguards in place to […]

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