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~ Estate Planning Presentation ~

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Got questions about estate planning for your family?

"I highly recommend Lungu Law Group! Deanny was so wonderful to work with. I have two small children and am currently going through a difficult divorce. She helped me re-write my will, power of attorney, and advanced directive to reflect my new family circumstances. She prepared packets for the people I designated in my documentation to make it easy for them to know what to do if they needed to execute their duties. She’s professional, kind, and very experienced in helping families with young children be prepared for the future. I have so much peace of mind knowing these things are taken care of. Thank you Deanny!"

-Meredeth Borg

"We used Deanny Lungu to update a trust we had originally established 15 years ago, and to provide power of attorney documents for a child about to go off to college. Meeting with Deanny was a pleasure; she took the time to talk to us about what we want to accomplish and explained every step of the process and the different ways to accomplish our goals. We have now completed the process, and could not be more pleased. We feel confident that our trust will protect those we want to take care of, and are particularly happy to have an attorney with whom we feel we can have a continuing relationship and turn to as our needs change in the future."

-K Heather Brody Newman

"We had a wonderful experience working with Deanny Lungu-Underwood! She was professional but also very personable and gave great attention to detail and our personal goals. She made the process very enjoyable and we felt we were always in very capable and caring hands. Thank you Deanny!"

-Jeff Karnes

What You'll Learn

Will trust or ?

What do you really need to keep your family out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you? We'll cover all of it in detail, including the 3 biggest fears most people have when it comes to estate planning. 

Don't fail your loved ones

Even if you've created a plan, it may not work when your family needs it. See exactly why most plans fail and how you can put in place a plan for peace. Because your family deserves it.

what it costs

Most people wonder what estate planning should cost and whether they even need one. We'll guide you to know what it should cost, and also describe our estate planning process so you know your options.

Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free. We encourage you to stay until the end to hear about the solutions we offer to protect your loved ones if and when something should happen to you.

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